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Aveiro is directly connected from Lisbon or Oporto (by train or car), and from Spain (by car).

By Car

GPS Coordinates: 40º 37' 53'' N8º 39' 27'' W
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By Plane and/or Train

Closest airport is in PortoAirport Francisco Sá Carneiro, located 70 km to the north of Aveiro. From the Oporto airport, take the metro to Campanhã railway station and then by train it will be easy to reach Aveiro station. The journey between the airport and Campanhã station takes about 30 minutes using a Z4 Andante ticket. Depending on the type of train, the journey to Aveiro takes between 40 and 75 min. 

The Airport Humberto Delgado in Lisbon is located 250 km south from Aveiro. From Lisboa airport take the metro (red line) to Oriente railway station and then by train it will be easy the to reach Aveiro station. The journey from Lisbon to Aveiro railway station takes about 2h (Alfa service)- 2h30m (IC service). 
Taxis are available for all the above connections but usually this is a more expensive option. 

Aveiro railway station is at walking distance (10-15 minutes) from Aveiro center and from a number of Hotels. However you might want to consider more convenient alternatives: TAXI | BUS



Welcome to Aveiro, a city of canals crossing the historic center, and shiping a landscape where the colourful Moliceiro boat portrays a story always linked to the Ria de Aveiro (lagoon).

The city identity is millenary, but the culture is contemporary and present in every corner. The gastronomy, grounded in the traditions of the people of the Ria, offers, together with the famous Ovos-moles (Soft Eggs), unique and authentic flavors.

For a memorable night out, lots of entertainment can be found in the city streets, that together with a set of touristic activities, both on land and on water will make of your stay an experience to be repeated.